About Us

Welcome to Sanskar News Channel – Sach Aur Kuch Nahi!

Sanskar News Channel “Sach Aur Kuch Nahi”, established by Mr. Shadab Ahmad in the year 2012 at Lucknow Uttar Pradesh.

Who We Are:
Sanskar News Channel is a leading and trusted source of news, dedicated to bringing you the most comprehensive and reliable coverage of current affairs from around the globe. As a 24/7 news broadcaster, we take pride in our commitment to delivering accurate and unbiased information to our viewers.

Our Mission:
At Sanskar News Channel, our mission is to keep our audience informed and enlightened by presenting news that matters. We strive to adhere to the highest journalistic standards, promoting transparency, authenticity, and integrity in every news report we deliver.

What Sets Us Apart:

Unbiased Reporting: Our journalists are dedicated to presenting news without any bias, prejudice, or favoritism. We believe in empowering our viewers with factual information, allowing them to form their own opinions.

Global Coverage: From local events to international affairs, we bring you news from every corner of the world. Our extensive network of reporters ensures that you stay connected to the events that shape our planet.

In-Depth Analysis: Beyond the headlines, we dive deep into stories to provide comprehensive analysis and insights. Sanskar News Channel is committed to offering context and understanding, enabling our viewers to grasp the implications of the news.

Credibility: We understand the responsibility that comes with being a news channel. Our commitment to accuracy and verification ensures that our viewers can trust us as a reliable source of information.

Our Programming:
Apart from news updates, we offer a diverse range of programs, including talk shows, debates, interviews, and documentaries. Our aim is to present a well-rounded perspective on various subjects, fostering informed discussions and promoting dialogue among viewers.

How to Connect:
We value the opinions and feedback of our audience. Feel free to reach out to us through our website or social media channels to share your thoughts, suggest stories, or voice any concerns. Sanskar News Channel is all about staying connected with our viewers.

Join Us in Our Journey:
Sanskar News Channel is not just a news outlet; it’s a community of people who are passionate about staying informed and engaged in the world. We invite you to be a part of our journey as we continue to evolve and grow, striving to be a beacon of truth in a world of information.

Thank you for choosing Sanskar News Channel as your source for news. Together, let’s explore the world through the lens of truth and knowledge!